Rapid City Police Department gives back to school safety tips

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The first day of school for Rapid City Area Schools is Wednesday, and that means more foot traffic in the early morning and late afternoon.

Black Hills FOX's Katrina Lim talks with law enforcement about some back to school safety tips.

Juvenile Operations Lieutenant Brian Blenner says, "Children are coming back to school and we want our children to be safe. They're our future so we want parents to be aware. We want the kids to be aware. Let's stay safe."

All 25 of Rapid City Area Schools are welcoming students back on Wednesday.

One school employee says although it may seem repetitive to hear safety tips, their staff sees accidents almost happen each day.

Katy Urban says, "I think our principles and our crossing guards who are out and they're in it every day, they see those kind of close calls on a regular basis and so it's just one of those things that we have to constantly remind parents and students that you have to be careful because kids are tiny. Things happen so quickly and so it's just important to always be on high alert and make sure that you're paying attention."

If you're letting your children walk to school alone for the first time this year, Lieutenant Blenner recommends accompanying them for the first day or first week of school.

Juvenile Operations Lieutenant Brian Blenner says, "Let's have the parent walk with them to school, show them the route. When they get to crosswalks, looking both ways and another important thing is I want the kids to look at the drivers who are stopped. Make eye contact with them just to kind of make sure that yeah, that really is safe and then go to school. If they're experienced kids that have been walking for years, I still want them to do the same thing."

Lieutenant Blenner wants to remind drivers if the school speed limit is 15 miles an hour and you're going 10 over, you'll be fined a $120 ticket.

So, they ask that you leave home early enough and not speed.