Rapid City Middle schoolers learn how to budget

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It's never too early to learn how to manage your money, and Tuesday, Junior Achievement was helping middle schoolers do just that.

Volunteers were teaching 6th graders at West and South Middle Schools about money management, budgeting, and financial literacy as part of JA in a Day.

For one of the activities, students were given a career and income, and they had to make a budget that included expenses such as housing and clothing.

Some of them even considered, "Should I sacrifice my food budget in order to have the fancy sports car?"

Junior Achievement Volunteer Teacher Nadine Thomas says, "I think it's important that the children realize that they're going to have to pick some sort of career, and with that career they're going to make money, and with that money they're going to have to decide how they're going to spend it. First they have to cover their needs, trying to get them to understand that they have to budget their money, that the money can't go for all of their wants, that they have to cover their needs first."

Junior Achievement is a nation-wide organization.

Their programs reach over 4,000 students in the Rapid City school district from elementary school through high school.