Rapid City Fire Department plans for heavy snow storm

Jim Bussell, public information officer for Rapid City Fire Department, says "Everybody that reported for duty this morning knew that this could be a pretty dynamic day. "

It turned it out to be just that. It is a winter snowfall that the Rapid City Fire Department started preparing for days ago.

Bussell says "Right now we're just making sure that we can meet the need and get where we we need to go."

Whether that is organizing their many resources such as emergency first aid equipment or equipment for their responses or preparing their fleet with vehicles such as the hoagland that was integrated after Winter Storm Atlas in 2013. It a nimble machine responsible for saving lives during a Christmas Day blizzard a couple of years ago.

Or, the department's Type-three wild-land engine to tackle structure fires.

Bussell continues, "remember that we have a lot of area in Rapid City that is in steep country. We have mutual aid responsibilities outside of the city that we have to be able to respond to."

Or, the plow truck constantly plowing around the fire stations so that if a call comes in, the first responders can be on their way.

Bussell continues, "Alot of little things going into the day to day to make sure that we can get wherever we need to be."

No matter what the circumstance may be, Bussel says the Rapid City Fire Department will be on the line to make sure they respond quickly and effectively.