Rapid City Council approves water rates increase

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the Rapid City Council met and one of the most discussed items on their agenda was an increase in water usage rates.

After input from concerned community members, and debate from the council the 43 percent increase over the course of 5 years was approved.
The water rate hasn't gone up in five years according to council members but the rate increase had at least one council member concerned about how it could affect elderly people on fixed incomes.

John Roberts says "In this ordinance they only get a 20% decrease even if we increase it 40% they'll getting increased also. And its going to be very hard on them. So I can't support this. I didn't support this. I won't support this.

Chad Lewis says, "This is part of responsible government. You have to pay for things when you do this and we don't have any other way to raise money. You want to cut services but you want to the same services but you don't want us to increase our revenue. How are we supposed to do that? WE have very few ways to do that. This is a fee service where only the users are getting charged for it."

The additional funding will help upgrade the Mountain View Water facility which according to council members is barely operational.