Rapid City Council approves plans to widen a section of Catron Boulevard

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Tuesday night the Rapid City Council unanimously approved plans to widen one section of Catron Boulevard.

This one and a half million dollar project will expand Catron Boulevard to five lanes on a stretch of road from Sheridan Lake Road to Highway 16.

They'll also add more lighting.

City officials says population growth is a factor in the need for expansion.

Rapid City Public Works Director Dale Tech says, "With the opening of Horizon Point, Black Hills Energy's new complex, and the installation of a traffic signal at Les Hollers Way, it's important to get the lanes in the correct configuration in that area so traffic moves smoothly.

The City Council also unanimously approved a resolution to support additional mental health services in Western South Dakota.

Councilman Jason Salamun says this is a formal declaration that West River South Dakota has a growing need mental health services and facilities.

Jason Salamun, Ward 3 & City Council President says, "Why we think it's important that we have facilities here is if you transport people 350 miles away, five hours away, you're taking them away from their support system. You're taking them away from current maybe current therapy that they're receiving. You're taking them away from the place that's supposed to be helping. So rather than spend money, why don't we invest money and help people live a fulfilling life."

Salamun also commented that mental health feeds into other challenges such as substance abuse and homelessness, which is why it's important that we have these mental health facilities in our own backyard.