Rapid City Council tables sanitary sewer improvements for North Valley Park

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RAPID CITY, SD (KEVN) - The Rapid City Council moved to delay the reimbursement for repayment of one-half of construction cost for sanitary sewer improvements in North Valley Park Monday evening.

KTM Design Solutions, on behalf of Yasmeen Dream, LLC working on the project asked the board to approve more time on the repayment in the amount of $110,445.05, providing more details for the council to consider.

Some of the councilmen and women were not the happiest about the several months the issue has been on the table.

Alderwoman Darla Drew said sometimes the people that are impacted by the council's decisions are forgotten.

"There might be a person out there waiting for a job with this project. There might be a person out there thinking they can get on a road crew. There's a guy or a gal out there thinking 'oh good there will be some homes for me to sell' and some purchasers that will think 'oh good I can actually buy a home," Drew said.

Councilwoman Lisa Modrick mentioned bringing up the new council set to start July 1 on issues as large and important as this one.

The item was tabled until the next City Council meeting in two weeks.