Celebrating National Catholic Schools Week with service

St.Thomas More being a large part of that group here in Rapid City...
students there are spending the week giving back and celebrating a mission they say lives through all that they do.

Gabrielle Prill, junior at St. Thomas More High School, says "We see it in our classrooms, in our education, our basketball games, our football games, everything, it really comes together and it unites everybody. That's one thing that we all have in common no matter what you are involved in, who your family is, there is that one uniting factor that we all pray together, we all go to mass together, and that's huge."

The school will host a Men In Black Basketball game Monday at 7 p.m. which is a fundraiser to support the high school mission trip to Jamaica. Students will deliver cookies to local first responders on Thursday in addition to delivering wishlist items to the Black Hills Children's Home Society.

Wayne Sullivan, principal at St. Thomas More High School, says "I think our students are very kind, very giving, and it's through our faith that we are able to give back to the community."

Later in the week, students will get a presentation on digital safety and attend a vocations assembly as well.