Rapid City BMX team takes home multiple state titles

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - They rolled home with multiple trophies from the South Dakota State Finals.

We stopped by Robbinsdale Park to meet up with the Rapid City BMX team.

More than 50 kids returned to Rapid City with awards from the BMX State Finals in Aberdeen.

Racers were divided into three categories: novice, intermediate and expert.

The kids trained for months... spinning their wheels to become the fastest on the track, including 12-year-old Macen Thompson.

Macen Thompson, Rapid City BMX Racer, says, "It felt awesome. It was my first time there, and it was really really awesome."

From riders as young as two-year-olds on Strider bikes all the way up to one 64-year old racer, BMX seems to attract all ages.

14-year-old Taryn Dodson has been doing BMX since he was seven years old.

Taryn Dodson, Rapid City BMX Racer, says, "It's just fun. It's a be yourself sport. You get to see your own progress more than in other sports I feel. You could see other people's progress and you get to help other people out a lot more."

Many of Rapid City BMX's competitors came home with state titles, and one of the coaches says he couldn't be more proud.

Katrina Lim asks, "So as a coach, what's it like for you to see your kids develop over the year?"

Chris Blair, Rapid City BMX Track Manager, says, "It is actually the most rewarding thing. I see a lot of these kids and I've known many of them for a number of years. To see them come up through the ranks basically starting out, some of them scared of getting in the gate the first time. We get them through that, and finally get them moved up through their skill levels and develop into a state champion. That's just rewarding for me."

Blair says BMX is more of a solo sport where kids can progress at their own pace.

If you'd like to join Rapid City BMX, check out their races on Wednesday and Sunday nights at Robbinsdale Park.