Rapid City Area Schools host suicide prevention meeting

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The Rapid City Area Schools have had a heartbreaking start to their school year.

Since mid-July, one staff member and eight students have died.

Three of those deaths were suicides.

Wednesday night the Rapid City Area Schools hosted a meeting for parents to learn how they can help their children cope with suicide.

One keynote speaker says in his experience, if children have a trusted adult they can turn to, it can help prevent suicide.

Rapid City Young Life Director Corey Harouff says, "Another kid that just saw something on Snapchat and because he had a relationship with me, he called a trusted adult and so I think it's so critical that if every single adult in our community would just take one kid, that we can just begin to get to know, hang out with, take them to Armadillo's, play video games with them, that that one relationship connection could be that life-saving factor so I would say social capital is what kids need and adults need the most to prevent suicide."

Mental health experts and law enforcement officers also provided information about suicide and mental illness in youth.

You can visit frontporchcoalition.org to learn more.