Rapid City Area School Board setting sights on new location

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The Rapid City Area School Board currently shares a third of the City School Administration Center with the city of Rapid City.

But they are setting their sights on the old Black Hills Corporation building in the downtown area.

The YMCA is purchasing the old Black Hills Corp. building for $6 million, and RCAS agreed to buy half of the building from the YMCA for $3 million.

The space will be divided 50/50 between the two entities.

This plan gives the community an opportunity to establish a central education center.

The YMCA will use their portion as an early childhood program center.

RCAS will use their half primarily for administrative and IT services.

David Janak says the timing of the purchase is good as the needs of the city are growing.

Assistant Superintendent David Janak says, "It's really a win win for all of the governmental entities in Rapid City. The city will not have to invest in a brand new facility. They won't have to invest in a ton of renovation to create space for their staff. They can move into the space in their existing building. Rapid City gets a true City Hall. All the city services will be located in this building as opposed to what it is now which is their city services are kind of scattered throughout the community."

The earliest Janak thinks they'll move into their new location is January of next year after renovations are done.