Rapid City Area Chamber of Commerce holds 131st meeting

This year marks the 131st year the chamber has convened. The meeting is set out to recognize the work of three indivuals
who have had a hand in making the chamber a success or touched the community in some way.

The George Award the chamber's most prestigious honor was awarded to Bruce Long Fox, who is the Executive Director for Rural America Initiatives in the Black Hills community, extending a hand to Lakota culture and people focusing on the role of fatherhood and education among the youth.

As this year's recipient, Long Fox says he's so grateful for his work
to finally come to the light.

Bruce Long Fox says, "A lot of the times we're not supposed to talk about ourselves, or to brag about ourselves and so when somebody else comes forward and does it, it feels very good. I've worked for 26 years in the community and pretty much anonymously so to finally get some recognition feels really good."

Long Fox says he will continue to work to make sure the Lakota people get the best possible outcome when it comes to their education and strive to reduce unemployment.