Rapid City Police Activities League recieves $5,000 in grants to continue Night Court Program

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - The Rapid City Police Activities League is definitely making strides.

The league was seeing an average of 60 to 90 kids come out to play three-on-three basketball each night at the weekly summer concert series.

It has been granted $3000 by Liv Hospitality and the Black Hills Community Foundation, $1000 from the Noon Optimist Club of the Black Hills, and $2,000 by the Shakopee Mdewakanon Sioux Community based in Minneapolis. They say with these funds, they plan to invest in the future of the program.

We have all these great sponsors, we have all this great help, and we brought these four hoops and we have this equipment, now we need to put it so I think our next process is we're going to try and find a fully enclosed trailer to have all those four basketball hoops in so we don't have to load them and unload them each Thursday night," said Lt. Brian Blenner, in charge of Juvenile Operations.

Lieutenant Blenner said it is evident that the program is working because they have
gotten more young people off the streets and onto the court.

"Last year, you walk around Sixth Street was full of kids in large groups, 20-30 at times and now we're not having that. We may have a group of four or five kids. It's made a huge impact on Summer Nights, on Main Street Square, and the whole downtown during Thursday nights," he continued.

Blenner says the league is discussing continuing this movement throughout the Fall along with other sports and activities.