Rallygoers catch T-Shirt Sunday and a change in prices this season

STURGIS, S.D. (KEVN) - Sunday may mark the end of the town's hectic pace but people were still in and out of stores and tents trying to get their hands on the best t-shirt deal.

Donovan Waheed, president of American Iron Outfitters, says his company did well overall this year but says t-shirt sales have differed because of the increased prices many vendors have to pay on royalties.

Waheed says it only forces vendors to get a little bit more creative to fill a common need.

"No matter what we come here, we provide a great quality shirt, amazing prints and best price we can. Still everybody's got to get a shirt and they love our designs and they come in and we try to do deals that they can mix, the ladies and the men's and it's been good overall, I think we're happy that we didn't overprint," Waheed said.

We spoke with a couple of other vendors who say the same thing about raised royalties but also say they will continue to sell their products at rally for the people who come to town for the motorcycle classic.