Raising money for the Spearfish Veterans Monument with a pancake breakfast

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One group was flipping some flapjacks Sunday morning to memorialize Spearfish veterans.

Doug Henwood and his committee members were raising money for the Spearfish Veterans Monument.

The monument currently has one of five granite walls built in Indian Springs across from Spearfish Park.

The first wall has more than nine hundred names engraved on it, and they're hoping to fill the second wall with more names of veterans.

SVM Fundraising Co-chair Doug Henwood says, "In my case it is definitely a labor of love because my whole family's on there. I've got other families on there from one of our other committee members. He's got two brothers and a sister. They've all served. They're all on there. So it's one of those things where Spearfish has had a history of being active."

If you're a veteran from Spearfish and would like your name on the monument, send a copy of your honorable discharge papers to the SVM.