Railroad Musuem's new photography book featuring classic and contemporary

"Frames of Reference" provides an overview of what railroads looked like in the early 1900s, when original photographs were taken, comparing them to photos shot in the last year,
and giving readers a glimpse at what railroading looks like now.
The book features photography throughout the immediate Black Hills
but also reaches Edgemont, Pierre, and northern Nebraska.

Rick Mills, Director of South Dakota State Railroad Museum, says "It's not only that railroading was so important in the creation
and the development of the Black Hills and the whole state, but also how important it's business and cultural aspects are still being
felt up to the current day because you can't go anywhere really without finding somebody or something that's been influenced by railroading and still is."

Mill says the development of the book was made possible by a cooperative effort between museum sponsors, the railroad companies and photographers. Copies will be available at Heart of the Hills Antiques in Hill City this weekend and in the Railroad Museum the day after Thanksgiving.