RCPD reminds drivers and pedestrians to watch out for one another

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After two different vehicle versus pedestrian accidents within just 15 minutes of each other on Friday evening, the Rapid City Police Department is reminding both drivers and pedestrians to be on the lookout for one another.

At around five o'clock on Friday evening, officials say a 64-year old Rapid City man was trying to cross East Saint Patrick Street, outside of the crosswalk, and was hit by a car.
The man was transported to the hospital where he died from his injuries.
Just fifteen minutes later, officials say a 29-year old Rapid City resident was trying to cross North Lacrosse Street and was also hit by a vehicle.
That person was treated for serious, but non-life threatening injuries.
Sgt. Tim Doyle with the RCPD says pedestrian versus vehicle accidents are quite common and typically people get hit when not using a crosswalk.
But still, Sgt. Doyle says both pedestrians and drivers need to watch out for one another.

Sgt. Tim Doyle with the RCPD says, "If you're a pedestrian, you just need to always pay attention, even if you're walking across Main or St. Joe where it's a one way. Always look the other way, because we have people going the wrong way down Main and St. Joe. You need to watch out for yourself and make sure that the vehicle sees you. For the drivers, you can't let your guard down, you need to be watching everywhere for those people who may not, the pedestrians that aren't paying attention, you know, because even if it's not your fault, you know, that's an accident you want to try to avoid."

Doyle says although pedestrian versus vehicle accidents come in spurts, they remain pretty consistent in Rapid City.