RCPD releases 2017 Crime Analysis Report

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Certain crimes have decreased in Rapid City, but the Rapid City Police Department says there's still room for improvement.

The department has released its 2017 Crime Analysis Report.

The report shows a huge jump in motor vehicle theft, homicides, and arson.

The number of DUI arrests has also increased by 16 percent from the previous year.

RCPD says DUI impacts our entire community so officers are always on the lookout for intoxicated drivers.

Patrol Division Captain James Johns says, "We're tired of knocking on people's doors. We're tired of calling a loved one and saying your friend or your relative is in the hospital because a drunk driver made the stupid decision to get behind the wheel and now they've hurt somebody or worse they've killed someone."

RCPD has seen a 14 percent decrease in robberies and a five percent decrease in thefts.

Captain Johns says they've put strategies in place to help this decline, including sector policing.

Patrol Division Captain James Johns says, "Sector policing allows us to identify very specific hotspots throughout Rapid City and really deploy our forces and work on those areas to reduce calls for service and identify the specific problem and treat that specific problem with the application of law enforcement."

Or if a store has a significant amount of robberies, the police work with that business to come up with a plan to alleviate the problem such as the changing the design of the store or the placement of certain products.

Overall, Captain Johns says the report reflects the dedication of all the employees at the Rapid City Police Department.