RCAS board looking for public input on proposed budget

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The Rapid City Area Schools District has got money on their mind and they're looking for public input.


The RCAS board's proposed budget was approved earlier this month, but before they finalize it, they're hoping to hear from the public with any questions they may have on it.

Dave Janak, Assistant Superintendent Fiscal and Support Services with the RCAS says, "Making sure the way they spend taxpayers dollars aligns with what they want to see in the public schools just makes a lot of sense. To make sure we're being clear with how the money is being spent, why it's being spent that way, and what it is we're taking on. I think it's important for the public to know."

The budget right now sits at about $189 million dollars, but is expected to change as the board develops plans for the final budget.
You can find a copy of the district's proposed budget here:

A public input hearing will be held on June 12th.