Queer South Dakota hosts Christmas party for LGBTQ community

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One organization opened their arms on Monday to a group of people who they say are not always welcome at the family dinner table.

Black Hills FOX Reporter Katrina Lim takes a look at what Queer South Dakota did for the LGBT community this holiday season.

Queer South Dakota Board Member Nancy Rosenbrahn says, "Whether they be a gay man or a gay woman or transgender individual, they can't go back home. It's too uncomfortable. It's too stressful. And sometimes they're not even welcome back at all."

Queer South Dakota hosted what they called "A Queer Christmas" at Jayde Tree Salon.

People could eat a whole spread of food and play board games together.

Nancy Rosenbrahn says part of the reason for hosting this party was to let the LGBTQ community know they're not alone.

Nancy Rosenbrahn says, "The reason that we put this together is in the LGBT community, there are a lot of people who can't go home. Their parents have not accepted who they are and family ties have been severed so they have to go find a family to go share the holidays with."

Daniel Davis and his mom attended "A Queer Christmas" together, but he says he knows not everyone has an ally.

Queer South Dakota Board Member Daniel Davis says, "It's means the world to me knowing that there are allies and members in the community that are willing to congregate and come together and share a meal or a conversation and to really just open the doors to love."

Davis says allies can have a big impact, and he wants people to reach out if they need help.

Daniel Davis says, "Stay strong. Keep your mental health at its best. Reach out to resources that are available to you especially in South Dakota."

Rosenbrahn says Queer South Dakota is one of several resources available not only in the Black Hills, but for the state of South Dakota.

They have a 24/7 help hotline and a support group.

The hotline's number is 1-866-488-7386.

They can also direct people to their closest resources if they are not as easily accessible.