Puppies born, number jumps to 133 in animals from Creighton seizure

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It's been a little more than a month since 75 animals were seized by the Pennington County Sheriff's Office in Creighton but that number has now gone up.

Katilyn Janak says, "When they first came in, a lot of them -- just because of the condition we got them in were a lot more mellow so to speak. They were a lot more timid around people, especially since they didn't know who we are."

The Humane Society of the Black Hills is currently home to 250 animals, a majority of them come from that seizure.

133 of them to be exact -- the original number of animals found was 75.
Kaitlyn Janak says, "We've had a lot of puppies in the past month, which has been absolutely crazy, but at this point they're all doing well."
But though they're doing well, Janak says the Humane Society still needs the public's help collecting wet, canned puppy and adult dog food.
She says the community has been nothing but supportive through this busy time.
Janak says, "Every time we have put anything out as a need as far as food or a litter or blankets or anything; we've had an amazing response to it."
Another way the community has stepped up, Janak says adopting the other animals NOT from the incident at the shelter.
Janak says, "That helps us kind of free up space on the stray side of our building, so we can have room for the animals from the seizure plus the ones we get in on a regular basis."

The animals won't be up for adoption until the case has made its way through the court system.
The animals were found at a home in Creighton in December. The owner of the home, Janell Gibson, is being charged with 33 counts of inhumane treatment of an animal.