Public wants police funds moved to other areas in the city budget

Published: Jun. 16, 2020 at 4:53 PM MDT
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Monday night's city council meeting received lots of public comments in opposition of the Rapid City Police using over 80,000 dollars for three new police vehicles.

The public wanted to see police funds moved to other areas, such as education, fixing of pot holes and even a Children's museum. Mayor Allender said he hears people's call to de-fund the police but says it's not necessarily that simple. He also added that the new police cars are needed for the police to continue their operations and putting it off wouldn't help in the long run.

"A terrific amount of planning and coordination that would need to take place well in advance of any funding being shifted for anything," said Steve Allender, Rapid City Mayor. "So not only has the de-fund the police not been thoroughly thought out, there is zero planning in place to make that happen."

Allender added that it's a discussion worth having and plans to extend invitations for that conversation to people soon.

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