Public raises safety concerns during meeting on I-90 exits 32 to 40

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Wednesday night the South Dakota Department of Transportation hosted a meeting to discuss a future corridor study.

DOT is conducting a study on Interstate 90 exits 32 to 40, and they learned some of the public's concerns about those corridors and what they want to see in the future.

They also gave a five-year history of crashes around that area and what's been done to improve it so far.

One of the most talked about concerns Wednesday night from the audience was safety.

State of South Dakota Department of Transportation Planning Engineer Steven Gramm says, "DOT's working on a research site, research project to put up what we call variable speed limits along a portion of this corridor so that if weather conditions deteriorate we can drop the speed limit down to 65 or 55 and people could still move through there just at a slower speed."

If you couldn't attend Wednesday night's meeting, you can find more info and give your input on the Department of Transportation's website