Public forum held on school safety

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Local law enforcement agencies and the Rapid City School Administration held a public forum to take questions and concerns from parents about school safety with the recent shooting at a Florida high School.

Items discussed were the ALICE program as well the security of buildings that have only one point of entry and the key fob systems to unlock other doors.
There was also a question and answer session from parents who could write down any concerns that they have.
During the meeting Police Chief Karl Jegeris said at this point he does not agree with arming teachers in the Rapid City School district.
One student in attendance agrees with the police chief on this topic.

Abigail Ryan, Junior. says, ' Students could almost feel pressured or threated by a teacher, and that is not the kind of environment schools are supposed to have. Not only that but teachers jobs are to educate students not to become a police officer in the process.'

There were additional questions that school administrators and law enforcement didn't have time to answer. Those questions will be posted on by the RCAS when they get answered.