Public express concern about gun control at Lawrence County Cracker Barrel

Many of the public expressed concern and were in favor of restricting the purchase of automatic weapons. Representatives Chuck Turbivillle, Tim Johns, and Sen. Bob Ewing were all in agreeance that it is an issue that will have to be dealt with from a federal standpoint. Turbiville says for him, the main issue is the guns that rapidly and automatically spit out a high number of rounds.

Turbiville says, "I'm a gun owner and I support the amendment to allow you to own guns but i think that we need to look at it maybe from a state standpoint as to what we really are allowing in the state and whether or not we can really make some changes without being in violation of the constitution."

Rep. Johns says the legislature has seen many gun bills over the years in which he thinks took up too much time for example the open-carry. He believes that there are inadequate resources when it comes to addressing mental health and that he doesn't see the state banning guns any time soon and that it's part of South Dakota culture.

Johns says, "Most of us have sporting rifles and many of us have pistols as well and it's enjoyed it's a sport that we enjoy not only hunting but shooting sports but we have to be practical in how we approach it."

Although gun control was a main point in the discussion today, several other important bills were discussed as well.