Producers Discover Idol Hopeful Playing at Bar

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A 25 year old musician happened to be playing in the right place at the right time last weekend during American Idol auditions in Rapid City.

Aaron Vidal, was performing at a local wine bar when he was "discovered" by Idol casting producers.

Vidal is a News Producer here at Black Hills Fox, but his passion has always been music.
He's been performing throughout the Black Hills for about a decade.
He wasn't planning to go to Auditions...but that all changed when producers heard him singing Saturday night, asked to talk to him, and the rest is a bit like a movie script.

American Idol Hopeful Aaron Vidal says, "They said they really liked my voice. I had just gotten done doing a rendition of 'Purple Rain' so they said they really liked that and they wanted to hear me do that the next day. And, yeah, they just said I had a really unique voice and they wanted to hear more of it.">

Aaron's videotape is now with Idol Executive Producers. If they give him the thumbs up -then Vidal's next step would be performing in front of the celebrity judges.

Vidal is the son of our news Anchor Peggy Vidal.
He's believed to be one of 2 people chosen from the Rapid City Audtions.