Process in distilling the alcohol for hand sanitizer

Alcohol pouring into a bin.

KADOKA, S.D. (KEVN) - The federal government is waving certain regulations allowing distilled spirit plants to make hand sanitizer.

Badlands Distillery is following the World Health Organization's guidelines on making hand sanitizer.

The distillery is not adding aloe or any other additives like scents or dyes to the sanitizer to ensure it's pure, reaching an eighty percent alcohol level which is higher than what CDC is recommending.

Sandy Eschenbacher from Badlands Distillery says distilling the alcohol is only the first part.

"Well then we would add the correct formulas and we actually have a scale that's approved by the TTB and the same thing that ethanol plants use and we will make sure the alcohol is the right proof for that and mix up that batch according to the regulations," said Eschenbacher.

Once the batch is made, the distillery runs it down the bottling line and it's ready to be sent off.