Top arm wrestlers bring championships to Central States Fair

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RAPID CITY, SD (KEVN) - For the second year, the South Dakota State Arm Wrestling Championship brought the best of the best to the Central States Fairgrounds.

Top arm-wrestlers compete in the South Dakota State Arm Wrestling Championships at Central States Fair. (KEVN)

These events brought top-level guys from throughout the U.S. to challenge each other 1 on 1 in the best of 5.

If a person is super competitive and always strives for the win, the pros said this sport is where they should be.

"First thing out of somebody's mouth when you say you 'arm wrestle,' they say that's a thing? That's a sport? Yes, it's very much a sport," said pro arm wrestler Luke Pulscher.

Pulscher, the director of South Dakota Arms Sports, has competed for 20 years and has refereed tournaments in the state and overseas. He is the eighth-best arm wrestler in the world.

"I'm going to be 45 next week and I'm still a top-level competitor in my weight class. So as long as you stay healthy ad you train hard, you can be in the sport a long time so it's not just a young man sport," Pulscher said.

Corey Miller, who won 22 national titles in his arm-wrestling years, shared the force behind his arm game.

"It's more about feeling it. Feeling the pressures, feeling the motion. Feeling where the arm is going. What they're doing before they even do it type stuff," Miller said.

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, all of the pros agreed that if you are competing in this sport, you are either "winning or losing and learning."

'It takes that little bit of extra something that you normally don't get on other sports," Miller continued.