Private snowplow owner says weather brings about lucrative business

Published: Apr. 13, 2018 at 3:40 PM MDT
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G.J. Holsworth and Sons Lawn is a family business that's been on board for nearly 60 years. They snowplow more than 100 lots, 50 business sidewalks, 50 residential homes and two housing complexes. The owner Dan Holsworth says snow removal operations with those many contracts keeps his staff more than busy for days like this and for many of those same properties, it's financially beneficial during the other seasons as well.

"We depend on it in the winter. I employ 20-25 all winter Long and for us to keep that staff for in the spring and have them to start on our lawn and landscape treatment all of that Type of Business so the snow removal allows us to maintain that staff pay our bills and able to survive it.," said Holsworth.

G.J. Holsworth and Sons say although winter storms pack on a lot of work, they remain faithful to even their summer customers that call for help during a time like this.

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