President Trump welcomes wounded warriors to the White House

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Our service members suffering from the wounds of war face a lot of challenges. Organizations like The Wounded Warrior Project are helping them everyday.

Thursday morning, President Trump recognized the organization and the people it’s helped.

“These are real heroes," said President Trump. “You’ve earned our freedom with your sweat, blood, and incredible sacrifice."

The men and women are in our nation’s capital for the Soldier Ride, a four-day cycling event for those recovering from physical, mental, and emotional wounds. It's organized by the Wounded Warrior Project.

“It gets warriors together in a group, rekindles those bonds of friendship and camaraderie that they had in battle and really helps them heal," said Michael Linnington, CEO of the Wounded Warrior Project.

President George W. Bush first welcomed the cyclists to the White House nine years ago. President Obama and now President Trump are continuing the tradition.

“It’s a continued commitment on behalf of our country and communities across the country to remain committed to our nation’s veterans that have given so much for our country," said Linnington.

The Washington ride isn’t the only one. Thirty are scattered throughout the country year-round. About 1,000 wounded warriors participate.

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