Prairie Berry Winery celebrates 1,000th award

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A popular winery in the southern hills celebrated a major milestone on Sunday.

On Sunday folks at Prairie Berry Winery celebrated winning more than 1,000 awards since 2001.

Several of their wines earned them gold medals.. including Calamity Jane, Peach Mead, and Lawrence Elk.

Fifth generation winemaker Sandi Vojta is continuing her great-great-grandmother's legacy, who immigrated to the Dakota Territory in 1876.

Her great-great-grandma made wine with the local prairie berries like chokeberries, buffaloberries, wild plums, and currants.

"We have an amazing product. Sandi and her team back there, they work extremely hard to make sure that all of our wines are the best quality. Obviously taste is very important as well so they taste great. They're good quality wines and people really appreciate them from our local community here to all the tourists that come through and all the wine judges," Ermin Husidic said, hospitality manager, Prairie Berry Winery.

Their hospitality manager says the party is a way to show their appreciation for their loyal customers who have stuck with them along the way.