Political author from SD tours country to get out the vote

Published: Aug. 18, 2016 at 6:24 PM MDT
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A political author with South Dakota roots is traveling the country ahead of this year's election to get out the vote.

He says there's one way everyone can make a difference in our government.

Political author Sean Burke said, "People are absolutely ready for change."

In an election year fueled by a desire for change - Sean Burke is taking to the roads to take back our government.

Burke said, "We as citizens only have one option under the Constitution. And it's just to vote. The only thing we can do is to vote. That's all you get."

Last election, only 140 million people hit the polls to voice their choice.

It's the right Sean Burke says you have to give a candidate the job.

Burke said, "But, you can also take that job away from them. So there's two sides to that coin. If you don't like what's going on with them - you give it to someone else."

This Pierre native wrote a book on 'How To Press America's Reset Button' - an idea sparked by our growing national debt - which has climbed to more than $19 trillion dollars.

Burke said, "It is an absolute thing that we can all agree on. All sides do agree on it."

He says the country is seeing historically low interest rates - and it's time to act, because those numbers will rise.

Burke said, "If we do go over that cliff financially - there's only one group of people we can blame. And that's ourselves."

Burke's family has lived in South Dakota since the 1800's - but he moved to California for school and now calls the West Coast home. Now he's working for a better future with his two kids.

Burke said, "And that's happening with Americans. They have a sense that something is going wrong. And it's kind of one of those wakeup calls. "

He started the nonprofit organization Reset Our Gov about four years ago - and since November last year, has traveled across 35 states. He'll continue the trip through November 8th.

But, come Election Day, Burke challenges voters to look past the parties.

Burke said, "Vote on the performance of your representative. And if you don't like what the government is doing - throw them out."