Police urges people to stay aware during warmer months

The Rapid City Police Department says with more people that are drawn out and about by the warmer weather, one of the cases they see is a spike in vehicle burglaries. They say the easiest way to prevent a crime like this is for people to lock their vehicles. RCPD says it is usually the case that people are simply walking down the street checking door handles and once they find one that opens, the person is in within 10 seconds and out with your belongings. Officials say it can be a very difficult crime to solve and leaves the community with a few tips to stay safe.

Brendyn Medina, public information officer for RCPD, says "The best advice we could say is once again, just please secure your vehicle, make sure your windows are rolled up and any valuables that you may have in the car for the time being, just make sure that maybe you put them in the trunk or a place where you can't see them as easily."

According to RCPD's Crime Analysis Unit Report for 2017, motor vehicle theft continues to be a problem and increased by 33% over the last five years.