Police talks how to stay clear of Christmas crime

Package theft graphic by MGN.

As the Christmas holiday approaches every year, so do certain crimes. We talked to the Rapid City Police about what some of those are and what you can do to stay clear.

Rapid City Police says that one crime they see spiking this time of year is people ordering gifts online and getting those items stolen off their porch when they're delivered.

Brendyn Medina, Public Information Officer for Rapid City Police Dept., says "This is definitely a crime of opportunity, but you can keep yourself from being a victim in a few different ways."

Get your packages sent to your job, schedule the delivery time or leave notes for the carrier, or even ask a trusted neighbor to look out for it. On top of protecting your packages, police are asking you to protect yourself and others by not drinking and driving.

Medina says, "It's a festive time, it's a time you're with family and friends, there's that desire to celebrate with alcohol. We just encourage people if you do celebrate the holidays with alcohol, you find a sober ride home."

Rapid City Police are participating in the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign. They would like to give people a heads up that there will be extra law enforcement on the roads on the lookout for impaired drivers.