Police strive to keep Summer Nights safe

Summer Nights in downtown Rapid City
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One of the priorities at Summer Nights every week is to make sure it is a safe event.
Rapid City Police say most of the issues they have to deal with happen away from the Summer Nights Event and away from Main Street Square and tend to once again center around juveniles who aren't supervised by their parents.
Police say they want to be seen and want people to know they're there.

Sgt. Tim Doyle says,"We usually have at least six officers. We get some help from the Sheriff's Office. We try to have at least a couple of our school resource officers down there because they tend to know who these kids are. They can kind of help keep the kids in line because they have a relationship with them. So that helps. So it's a combination of just a presence and interacting with people, trying to just be a part of the event too.

Sgt. Doyle says he's never seen any major problems downtown during the event, only minor issues--an occasional fight, someone who's had too much to drink or minor medical issues.