Police fighting drivers inhaling dust-off behind the wheel

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There have been two accidents just this week that Rapid City Police have linked to dust-off, drivers inhaling cans of compressed air while they drive.
On Monday, a 29-year old woman was arrested and charged with DUI after police found her unconscious after she drove through a fence.
The scariest part of that crash, she had a one-year old child in the back seat.

Thursday, police say they found dust-off in a car after the driver crashed through fences, mailboxes and an air compresser and hit a gas meter on a house on McArthur Street.
He was charged with DUI.

And you might remember the crash in April, when the driver of a pickup went through the wall of the Sewing Center.
Police say they found several cans of dust-off in that truck as well, and that driver was also charged with DUI.

Rapid City Police spokesman Brendyn Medina says, "Any time that we have a car careen off the road and there's not evidence of an alcohol intoxication, it piques our interest in trying to see if there's evidence of dust-off."

Regional Health Medical Director Dr. David Klocke says, "It's very dangerous, the whole process of huffing. It can cause brain damage. It can cause liver damage, kidney damage, obviously causes symptoms similar to intoxication of alcohol. So you can have a lot of the same problems, such as during a car would be dangerous."

Doctor Klocke says in high doses, huffing can cause sudden death and cardiac arrest.