Plenty of pork at Hulett's Ham and Jam

Published: Aug. 8, 2018 at 7:04 PM MDT
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On Wednesday bikers were riding hogs and eating hogs at the 30th annual Ham and Jam.

Thousands of riders poured in from the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally to enjoy a free meal at this juicy festival in Hulett, Wyoming.

Captain Ron's Rodeo Bar hosted the event again this year, buying plenty of food to feed the hungry masses.

Brianna Gose says, "We bought 400 pounds of pork. That's what we did this year. We get it from Sturgis Meats in Sturgis. We bought 96 packages of buns the other day and we do about 300 pounds of beans."

People could also buy souvenirs from vendors and listen to music.

The manager describes Ham and Jam as chaotic but awesome.

Brianna Gose says, "It started out as just a way to keep people here for the day when they came through to see Devil's Tower and everything. Thirty years ago, it was started by a man named Jim Delancey. He's since passed on, but he started it and we just kept the tradition going when we bought the bar. It's just something that we like to do as a family and bring everybody here and keep them here for the day."

Gose says year round, the Rodeo Bar has five local boys that come in at noon every day and stay until 3 o'clock.

But during the rally, she says they serve around 10 or 12 thousand people in one day.

And Gayle Harris from Seattle, Washington, was one of the many riders who attended the festival.

Gayle Harris, Ham and Jam Attendee, says, "The line wasn't too long for Ham and Jam, lots of vendors, met some new friends here from Wisconsin. It's just a very happening and happy experience."

Although the pork sandwiches were free, some people still donated money to thank the Rodeo Bar.

Gose's family has owned the establishment for the last 22 years.

She says despite the craziness, they're happy to make connections with new people.