Pick-a-Chick teaches community how to raise chickens

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Rapid City, SD Some got to take their pick, get a chick, and learn how to raise them.

The Pick-a-Chick program teaches how to properly handle a chicken with education day, Saturday.

Organizers say owners should take extra care with diseases like bird flu.
You also have to be around every day to feed and water the furry animals and clean-up weekly.

4H co-sponsored the program - which helps teach kids responsibility.

Jerri Lhotak said "So they're learning to adapt and have fun while learning. And they've really become involved in the 4-H program."

Matthew Olson said "A lot of times with their animal projects - responsibility is the biggest things that come out of it. Because that 4-H member is responsible for making sure they feed the chicken every day. Make sure the chicken has water. Make sure living conditions for that chicken is clean."

Laura Elwood said "It is a lot of work, but it's so rewarding. And believe it or not, they can be a good friend."

The Black Hills Poultry Society also helped organize the event.