Pets paint art for Humane Society fundraiser

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Rapid City, SD Our furry friends put their creativity to the test for the Humane Society of the Black Hills, Saturday.

The shelter animals used their paws to create works of art - each selling for $25 dollars.

Proceeds will go towards the Humane Society - which needs the help after taking in more than 70 seized animals from a Creighton woman's home. With puppies, that number has now gone up.

'Paws 4 Art' is the first fundraiser of its kind.

Kaitlyn Janak, the resource development director at the human society, said "A lot of people think that it's super cute and everyone's really excited. They've all been really positive reactions so far. So any fundraiser that happens is huge because it takes a little bit of the weight off our staff to have to worry about where the next bag of food is coming from or where the funds to help with the next medical costs are coming from. So they're a huge help for us."

The Human Society partnered with the Dahl Arts Center for the event.