Pennington County officials recommend absentee voting

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - In Pennington County there are more than 70,000 registered voters.

A photo from a polling place.

Which could mean crowed polling locations, but with the ongoing pandemic, just how safe would that be?

"It goes right to being safe," said Auditor Cindy Mohler. "You want to protect yourself and you want to protect the public, you want to protect those poll workers."

With COVID-19 cases increasing in South Dakota, county officials are adding extra measures at polling locations like providing hand sanitizer, implementing social distancing, and stocking extra pens, but officials are strongly recommending that you just vote at home with an absentee ballot instead.

"Well in order for people not to have to go to the polls on June 2nd," said Mohler. "If they want to early vote then they can get the absentee ballot application and send that in and we will mail them a ballot, it's fairly easy."

And county officials like Election Supervisor Lori Severson has seen that convenience in action, allowing you to exercise your constitutional right without having to walk beyond your mailbox.

"The voters who vote absentee or vote in-person early really like the convenience of it and this year it's even more important for people to stay at home as much as they can so it makes the absentee voting that much more important for a person to be able to get their ballot in the mailbox, vote it, send it back," said Severson.

To register to vote absentee click here.