Pennington County Search & Rescue hosts vehicle extraction training

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It's a phone call Pennington County Search and rescue hopes to never receive but one they have to be prepared for, just in case.

That's why members of the Search and Rescue team held a training exercise for their new recruits to get hands-on experience with vehicle extraction.
Training is important in these situations -- so that team members know how to properly use the tools...especially when time is of the essence for those who may be trapped within a vehicle.

Tammy Stadel says,' We have what we refer to as the golden hour, from the time an incident occurs to get them to advanced medical care, we like to keep that down to an hour. So once you factor in somebody calling 911, the responders getting on scene and getting to the hospital that hour is really a short amount of time.'

Stadel added that individuals go through 200 hours of training before becoming team members, and it is done on a volunteer basis.