Pennington County Democrats celebrate Labor Day with a barbecue

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN-TV) The celebrations of Labor Day have changed over the years and one group is using the holiday as an opportunity to rally together.

The Pennington County Democrats spent the day at Old Storybook Island Park to discuss the origins of the workers' holiday.

The American Labor Movement started in the 1800's.

We have that movement to thank for 8 hour work days, a 5 day work week and the end of child labor.

Monday, Pennington County Democrats hosted a barbecue.

With midterm elections only 90 days away, they discussed political candidates for state and local offices.

The Chair of the Pennington County Democratic Party, Leon Fenhaus says Democrats have a history of supporting the American Laborer.

Leon Fenhaus, Chair of the Pennington County Democrats says, "The Democratic Party and labor have a long-standing relationship that goes back decades in fact probably hay day goes back to the FDR administration and the relationship has always been very positive between the democratic party and labor in general and organized labor especially."

In years past, Labor Day in Rapid City was celebrated with a parade.

Pennington County Democrats hope to bring that back in the future.