Pennington County Commissioners approved $20,000 for the State's Attorney Office

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On Tuesday the Pennington County Board of Commissioners approved more money for the State's Attorney Office.

That $20,000 will come from the county's general fund.

It stems from the passage of Marsy's Law by South Dakota voters last month ... which added to the workload of the State's Attorney Office.

Chief Deputy Auditor KJ Peterson says State Attorney Mark Vargo requested the supplement funds about a month ago to help with additional staff.

KJ Peterson, Chief Deputy Auditor for Pennington County, says, "For some additional staff that will be needed in order for his office to handle the Marsy's Law and will require more staff time, more notifications, things like that."

The County Commission also approved of the County's contract with the Humane Society of the Black Hills, which has the county paying the Humane Society $50,000 a year for the services they provide.