Pennington Co. hopes to balance health and economy

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN)- Different county department heads came to the meeting to hear about an update on the county's policy, after South Dakota has declared a state of emergency.
A "Families First Coronavirus Response Act" will be in place at the end of March, which is to give the public sector employees a special paid leave when they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or they need to take care of young children due to school closing.
And as fewer people are traveling during the virus outbreak, a concern about local economy was brought up. "Three to four thousand jobs are on the line in the next three months, and that's no joke,
the tourism industry and the hospitality industry is our life blood." CEO of Elevate Rapid City stated.
The board of Pennington County commission hopes to balance health and economy, and hope to come up with tools to keep the citizens afloat.