Passengers enjoy crafted brews on 1880 Train

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Hill City, SD Passengers got to ride the rails with crafted ales in Hill City, Saturday.

The 1880 Train's first-ever event kicked off this afternoon - featuring beer from 5 local breweries.

Attendees took their drinks along a tour of the hills - with a stop in Keystone.

Organizers say the event sold out because it offers something unique.

Holli Edwards, the event coordinator, said "I think it's the train. I mean that's really what brings the uniqueness to it. I mean where else can you get on board a train and enjoy local beer and local food and in the beauty of the Black Hills. It's just a great way to bring the locals out. Because a lot of times once you ride the train - you don't tend to do it a lot of times during the year. But it's just a great way to create memories with your families and friends."

The event started with a social - showcasing live music.

And wine connoisseurs can check out the Wine Express in September.