Pancakes flipped for a worthy cause at annual breakfast

Published: Feb. 25, 2018 at 10:16 PM MST
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Stacking them up and serving them over a worthy cause.

This is an event the Rushmore Lions Club has been hosting for more than 20 years.

Tara Wilcox, director of engagement at Black Hills Works Foundation, says "They bring in their followers, black Hills Works invites those that support us as well and we all come around the table for pancakes."

However, the Pancake Breakfast is not just about the hot cakes and the syrup.

Brad Saathoff, CEO for Black Hills Works, says "the community might know who Black Hills Works is and may have heard of us generally but it's common for folks not to fully understand the full reach in everything that we do."

With large attendance at the breakfast, it was the perfect opportunity to let them know.

Wilcox says, "so you'll see around the room that we have every entity"

Eight entities of the Black Hills Works Foundation like Bake Works that employs and teaches job skills to people with mental disabilities, or their electronic recycling effort through Echo Works keeping electronic waste out of the landfill. In addition, showcasing skills of people with intellectual disabilities through the the Suzi Cappa Art Center.

Saathoff says"Lots of win wins for people with disability and their community at large."

The groups that were set up will potentially give people the opportunity to help out in the community like the South Dakota School of Mines Football team helping out at the breakfast today.

Wilcox says, "It really is a collaboration of multiple community entities."

Saathoff says, "Very Very meaningful and impactful to people that do volunteer and share some of their skills and talents with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, it's awesome!"

Black Hills Works were fortunate to get a $2500 match from Modern Woodman to the funds from the pancakes. The proceeds will go towards the Flutter Productions 365 Art Camp allowing individuals with disabilities to explore their creativity and the arts.