Overbred dog gives birth to last litter and celebrated with puppy shower

Jasmine is a boxer mix who is thought to be about nine years old. After believed to have been overbred her entire life in a puppy mill, she is now in the hands of the Western Hills Humane Society who plans to put her pain at ease.

Sunday, Jasmine gave birth to her last litter of six pups. People are showering Jasmine with gifts as a donation to she and her new babies. After the puppies are weaned, the Humane Society says she will be spayed and her puppies will then be micro chipped and followed their entire life to make sure they have good forever families for the rest of their lives.

Rebecca LaRose, co-director at the Western Hills Humane Society, says "It's just so important for the health of the puppies, they could have had so many difficulties and we still don't know that will include vet bills that might not then go to owners that can go to owners that can handle vet bills making six more unwanted perhaps euthanized dogs in the world.

Although things went well with the birthing, LaRose says Jasmine's life was still put on the line due to her age and circumstances.

"Her body couldn't handle it. There's so many things. She did great and we got super lucky but it is just really a risk and there's just not a need for more mix-breed puppies out there," she says.

The Western Hills Humane Society is ran mostly on donations for expenses like medical fees in addition to the help of volunteers.They have a fundraiser coming up at Pizza Ranch on February 19.