More than 2800 petitions signed against water rate increase

South Dakota Citizens for Liberty turned in over 2800 signed petitions from Rapid City residents who they say would like to have a voice in how their water rates are determined. Tonchi Weaver, the coordinator of the petition drive, says she's pleased with the outcome thus far and says it wouldn't be possible without everyone coming together to give both their time and effort.

Tonchi Weaver, board member and lead lobbyist for SD Citizens for Liberty, says "This is what citizens do. We did this all with volunteer effort. No one got paid to do this, people sacrificed time with their families over the holiday, time from work even, some of us. We had the goal in mind and we all worked together seamlessly and this is what was accomplished so people can make a difference when they work together for a common goal."

If the City's Finance Office verifies the petitions as valid,
they will then schedule a special election.
The city says the item could show up on the Council's agenda
as early as the December 18th Council Meeting
and if the increased rates pass during a special election,
they would take effect January 1st of 2018.