Outlaw Square kicks off movie night

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) Outlaw Square is getting in the swing of things and kicked off what they are hoping to be a successful Monday night series. The 2004 smash hit Napoleon Dynamite was the premiere movie and for good reason, as it was written by Deadwood native Sean Covel.

Outlaw Square (KEVN)

Covel who still lives in Deadwood jumped at the opportunity to show his award-winning film to an audience at the brand new Square.

"Napoleon for me, so growing up for me out here found its way into the story. I had to move to LA for a decade to figure out how to get it made Then people found it and it traveled the world and did its thing but now I can come back and show it to friends," Says, Sean Covel

Other events being held at the square include a Farmers Market on Tuesdays and you might remember the brand new Glice skating rink this past winter.