Old law holding back South Dakota breweries

Many breweries are scattered around South Dakota, but a vague state law seems to be holding them back.

An old South Dakota law says breweries and distributors can not pour and serve their own product at festivals, expos, and charity events.

This means breweries like Sick-N-Twisted in Hill City have to hire or find volunteers to serve their beer.

Sick-N-Twisted Co-Owner Rob Livingston says the law prevents brewers from making a personal connection with potential customers.

Rob Livingston says, "Now you can be there. You can be on site. You can sit there and try to explain it to everybody and do that. But it takes that personable one-on-one out of the situation. You're kind of the fly on the wall."

Livingston believes this law hurts not only brewers, but other people as well.

Rob Livingston says, "It's caused quite a few events to cancel because of it. A lot of the events are charity events. They're doing it to raise money for charities. There's a couple out in Watertown and Aberdeen that didn't happen because of this law."

Because of this measure, the sixth annual Black Hills Beerfest is tentatively cancelled.

Livingston hopes the law changes in this upcoming legislative session.