Nurses are coming out of retirement to help fight COVID-19

Almost 300 people have taken the course.
Almost 300 people have taken the course.(KOTA)
Published: May. 5, 2020 at 3:59 PM MDT
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"We need to prepare for something that we have no idea what it will look like," said Rebecca Bradley who is a nursing professional development practitioner for Monument Health.

Five weeks ago Monument Health started training surge plan nurses to be ready when COVID-19 hits the Black Hills.

One of those trainers is Shanon Waldner, the senior director of professional practice and development for Monument Health.

"We are trying to prepare people with the skills that they need to help at the bedside and be support caregivers," said Waldner. "So support nurses and support nurse's aids is what we are training for here."

The training goes over infectious diseases, including COVID-19, and hands-on training like vital signs, how to safely move a patient, and providing hygiene care for patients.

The almost three hundred people who have taken the class don't all come from medical backgrounds.

"We've also had people come from HR or finance or places not even related to patient care that are coming in to learn how to take vital signs just because they want to help," said Bradley.

And some nurses are coming out of retirement

"we've has retired nurses who come in and haven't taken care of a patient in ten years. So they come in, they don't really know what to expect, they know things are different, but they know things are the same," said Bradley. "So just knowing that what we're offering provides peace in a way."